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Our Doctors

Dr. Alan Kurfirst - Owner/Optometrist

Dr. Kurfirst Dr. Alan Kurfirst has been taking care of patients' eyes in New York City since 1981. Madison Avenue Eye Care is one of the oldest and last privately owned optical locations in Midtown Manhattan. Dr. Kurfirst specializes in hard to fit contacts, refractions, computer eye syndrome and personalized service. With a huge selection of only the highest quality contact lenses, Dr. Kurfirst can fit and satisfy the specific needs of his patients.


Dr. Paul Kantrowich - Independent Optometrist

Dr. Kantrowich A 1965 graduate of the United States Military Academy with a bachelor's degree in engineering, Dr. Paul Kantrowich is a national board certified optometrist whose specialty is contact lenses.

After graduation, Dr. Kantrowich spent the next five years on various Army and Air Force assignments.

Dr. Kantrowich has been honored many times in recent years by the likes of the Lions Club, Rotary, Elks, Kiwanis and other civic associations.

Dr. Paul Kantrowich is not affiliated with Madison Avenue Eye Care and is an Independent Optometrist.

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