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ZEISS iProfiler

Zeiss iProfiler

Because over 70% of eye care clients are suitable for the i-profiler, it represents one of the most exciting developments in vision correction in the last decade.

iProfiler technology works by measuring each eye independently of each other, therefore recording irregularities and differences much more accurately and effectively. This innovative technique then allows your optometrist to prescribe bespoke glasses and lenses for each eye, thus helping to significantly improve poor-light vision, colour perception and night vision problems such as blur.

Optometrists offer this lens optimisation under the Zeiss brand "i.Scription® lenses" and has helped a significant number of our eye care clients, particularly for night time driving.

Your Optometrist will carry out your eye examination with the innovative ZEISS iProfiler, and will then incorporate these personalised measuring results into i.Scription® lens production at Carl Zeiss.

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